Collection: W.W.h.D?

When I first designed this collection, it started as a joke. It wasn't long after though, I realized that the very same spark of inspiration, or "rebirth" that others speak of when they found God or religion. Is the very same thing I describe when I speak of when I found Halsey. I just so happened to find my spark in the work of a pop star I don't even know almost 10 years younger than me. Of all places: )

NO HALSEY IS NOT A GOD. Most certainly not some comic book superhero walking on water. Just a flawed, fallible and fucked up individual looking for their own peace of mind. JUST LIKE THE REST OF US! 

In the time I've been following Halsey's career. In the time they've been in the spotlight even. Time and time again, they've proven themselves to be nothing but a good hearted, well intended, just all round decent human being. They strike me as the kind of person who puts thought and consideration into the things they do. All that being said, I can honestly say that. I have faith and trust in Halsey. Faith and trust in the things they do. More importantly, the why behind them. 

No, everything they do isn't going to be perfect. Or right even. Again, they're fallible like the rest of us. However, I can say with utmost certainty that when they make a decision. It's not done with ill intent or malice. And that is not something I can say for most people.