One might ask, who names a brand hopeless? …

As I reached my 30’s, through unfortunate events and circumstances, I found myself without
hope—Hopeless. I have always been a music lover, but at some point, I discovered a
particular artist—Halsey—that had inadvertently given me a new outlook on life that has since restored much needed hope back into my life. After seeing Halsey live, I've been hooked ever since.
I am embarrassed to admit, at my age, Halsey was my first major concert. Great for a first, but I’ve really been missing out. No longer. I’ve been struck by the live music bug and cannot get enough. I have and will travel across country for my favorite artists, especially Halsey. Damn the cost!

In my time, I've never been one for celebrity or heroes, role models for that matter, never understood “merch”. However, today is a different story. I find myself looking for the right shirt or accessory to adequately convey my adoration and feelings for my favorite artists. I want keepsakes for all the different shows and events my musical adventures lead me to.

Which takes me to our....


Merch is a funny game. We as fans, can’t get enough of it. The artists do realize this and do want to provide. Take Halsey for example. She/They are an actual artist (painter, among other things) with tons of cool art. Team Halsey is more than happy to put that art on a shirt for us to buy and wear. However, if they put too much, it starts to look like a cash grab.
One can’t help but look at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour Merch and think “Cash Grab”. In their defense, with the number of fans and size of that tour. They need the organization they have.

Then there is availability. Limited numbers and extremely long lines at venues. Something I personally usually avoid. Added to this, is the time. Once a particular “Era” is over, merch is no longer available. Yes, that is great for a bragging rights showpiece later down the road. Only for those lucky enough to get one. Unfortunate however for those later fans and those that missed. I didn’t learn of Halsey’s “One Night Only” shirts until after I attended three separate shows.

All of this leaves a great big void for us fans looking for that right shirt or such to express our fandom. Ultimately, we had to fill that void for ourselves. It is our hope that we can help fill that void for others as well. If you don’t see what it is, you are looking for. Please feel free to reach out.
We can tell you why it's “hopeless” ....